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Interview with Albert Ziegler, the upcoming Editor-in-Chief of High Ability Studies from January 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Ziegler-photoInterview by Balazs Hornyak
B: Besides your work at the university you will be the editor in chief of High Ability Studies after Heidrun Stöger between 2015 and 2018. What are your plans? How would you like to modify the work concerning High Ability Studies (HAS)?

A: First of all, I think HAS is already very successful, as far as I know, according to the latest data, the second most successful in the field of gifted education. So naturally, I want it to be the number one in terms of citation impact in the field of gifted education channels, and maybe increase citation impact also in the field of special education. It is certainly not an easy task because special education is rather strong from this point of view.

The point is to continue successful work and open up to new fields such as more general psychology and more general education. In the past couple of years many publications were very specialized and very narrow in the field of giftedness and if you take a look at the reference section of the articles, you will find that there are not a high number of quotations of works outside our field.

B: How would you like to involve other experts and what are those fields that you consider to be the most interesting for HAS readers?

13th International ECHA Conference honoured with the conference award PDF Print E-mail

verleihung kongresspreis

The team of Prof. Dr. Christian Fischer was honoured with the conference award by the city of muenster for hosting the 13th International ECHA Conference. It was held in combination with the 4th Muensterscher Bildungskongress in September 2012 and was managed by Dr. Christiane Fischer-Ontrup and Anne Vohrmann. The award took place for the first time on May 15th 2014 in the traditional surrounding of Muensters Erbdrostenhof and came with the price money of 1.500€. Markus Lewe, the mayor of Muenster, handed over the award in front of 200 invited guests from the fields of politics, science, economy and culture. As the conference was attended by 1100 participants from 43 countries of all 5 continents, Muensters Conference Initiative expressed their gratitude by rewarding the conference team for hosting an excellence conference and therefore promoting the city internationally. A second award was given to Prof. Dr. Gardemann from Muensters University of Applied Science. 

First European Talent Networking Award to all four former presidents of ECHA PDF Print E-mail


The organizers of the recent"Towards a European Talent Support Network" conference (http://conference2014.talentday.eu/en) decided to give the first European Talent Networking Award to all 4 former presidents of ECHA. The award recognizes the pioneering role of ECHA in forming European-level cooperation in the field of studying and helping young people with high ability. On the picture awardees areputting together the 4 pieces of the first European Talent Networking Award: Joan Freeman, Franz Mönks (represented by Peter Csermely in his absence), Javier Tourón and Kirsi Tirri (represented by Csilla Fuszek in her absence) symbolizing the strength of cooperation.

Successful conference on "Towards a European Talent Support Network" PDF Print E-mail


Between 8th and 10th May a very successful conference was organized with the title: "Towards a European Talent Support Network" in Budapest, Hungary (http://conference2014.talentday.eu/en). The conference had 250 participants from 30 European countries. Participants discussed the ideas on a future European Talent Support Network. (See quite a few points in Europe dealing with talent support here: http://www.talentcentrebudapest.eu/talentmap). Thanks to the organizers led by Csilla Fuszek the conference was a great fun. Please find a few excellent photos taken by Andras Mayer (http://www.andrasmayer.com/index.php) here: http://tehetseg.hu/kepgaleria/nemzetkozi-konferencia-es-europai-tehetsegnap-2014-majus-8-10

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