It is our pleasure to inform you that the Youth Platform of the European Talent Support Network (supported by the March 5th decision of the ECHA General Assembly, as well as by the representatives of the European Talent Centres) started to work from March 2016. The Youth Platform was originated from the participants of the European Youth Summit related to the 15th ECHA Conference in Vienna. After this event many more European Talent Centres and Talent Points delegated young talented individuals to the Youth Platform, which now represents 8 European countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Danemark, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia).

The platform constructed its logo (see enclosed), started a Facebook Group (currently administered by the president of ECHA), and will elect representatives as soon as more countries and organizations will be represented in the Platform. The young talents have many more ideas to cooperate and make joint projects - about which we will inform ECHA members here and in other channels (such as ECHA News, emails, etc.). The Platform is open, so please send suggestions of joining talented young individuals related to any organization already joined to the European Talent Support Network to the president of ECHA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a very short CV and email address. Note that the European Talent Support Network is open to accept application for being a European or Associated European Talent Centre or Talent Point. (Associated Centres and Points are from outside Europe, but have a close coocperation with European organizations in the field.)