Latvia-Laili-SakijevaLaili Sakijeva
Foundation ASNI (Giftedness System for the Nation's Development)
Mobile: +371 29 433 648
2 Darza Street, Riga
Latvia, LV-1007
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Laili Sakijeva is a graduate of the University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Since 2011, she has been the director of Foundation ASNI. Besides her administrative duties, she is involved in research work related to mastering the procedures of talented thinking and developing of appropriate methodology.

Foundation ASNI is an entrepreneurs’ established organization with the initial aim to promote the education of intellectually gifted children in Latvia. Even though the founders had an idea of what “gifted” or “talented” mean, a scientific justification was necessary in order it was possible to implement the most effective methodology of identification and then of appropriate education.

However, the concepts of psychologists and educational experts did not bring the light; on the contrary – they let us see that labelling kids as being “gifted”, “normal”, “twice exceptional” etc. leads to a deadlock.

The theory of inventive problem solving – better known by its Russian acronym TRIZ– and the theory of talented thinking gave us confidence that it was necessary to develop a new education system.

Talented thinking is an ability to create new conceptions that are considerably different from the preceding ones and that open up new possibilities for the mankind. There are no innate gifted children. It is our task to give the gift of universally talented thinking to all of them.