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It is our pleasure to announce that the 17th International ECHA Conference will take place in the historic city of Porto in Portugal between the 9th and 12th September 2020. We look forward to this exciting meeting having the major topic of Capacity and Talent including educational policies, innovative and technological educational practices, identification and evaluation, case studies and all areas of gifted education and talent support. The conference will provide networking options for the European Talent Support Network and will host the 2020 European Youth Summit. Please mark the event in your calendar NOW! We look forward to see you at this momentous event.

It is our pleasure to inform you that ECHA's scholarly journal, High Ability Studies has a 2016 impact factor of 1.13. This is a substantial increase from 2015’s 0.737. The increase in impact factor is also reflected in the Scopus metrics, where High Ability Studies now has a CiteScore of 0.95, compared with that of 0.56 for 2015. Congratulations to Albert Ziegler, the Editor-in-Chief, and all contributing authors! Please consider sending your high quality papers to our journal, increasing its (and your!) impact further.

The European Talent Support Network established a home-page, which can be visited here: https://etsn.eu/. The homepage (https://etsn.eu/history-of-etsn/) emphasizes ECHA's role in the foundation of the Network and in the gifted education expert-counseling of its everyday work. The homepage contains an excellent map of the Network (https://etsn.eu/map-of-etsn/). Many thanks for Csilla Fuszek, the coordinator of the Network, Emily Church, the web-master of ECHA and the Network Council (https://etsn.eu/council-members/) led by Albert Ziegler for all their work leading to this major step!

The Network (and its European Talent Centres) issued a call for applications to become a European Talent Point (or an Associated European Talent Point situated outside Europe). The call is open until October 30th but applications are evaluated continuously and applying organizations will hear a response within a month of their submission. Applications should be sent via the on-line Application Form accessible here: https://etsn.eu/apply-to-join-etsn/. Details of the call can be seen here: https://etsn.eu/call-for-application-to-be-a-european-talent-point-or-to-be-an-associated-european-talent-point/ together with email addresses, where further information can be gained. We encourage all ECHA members to ask the respected organizations of the field of gifted education and talent support they know to consider their application to become part of the Network.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 15:36

Successful 2nd European Youth Summit

The Youth Platform of the European Talent Support Network organized the second European Youth Summit from the 29th of March to the 2nd of April in Budapest, Hungary. 63 young talented people from 17 countries took part at the successful event. Besides discussions with guest speakers, including Albert Ziegler, Szilvia Péter-Szarka, William Benkő and Peter Csermely, participants tried the Be-novative application (https://www.be-novative.com/) through a brainstorming session at the Central European University (CEU). 22 lightning talks were presented by the Youth Platform members and 3 workshops were organized on the Innovation Day of the confernence. Workshops initiated joint projects such as to help underprivileged talented children, international mentoring programme, Youth Expedition of Science (YES), etc. Special thanks to the professional organizer team: Csilla Fuszek, Petra Fügedi and Zsuzsa Szilágyi. The third and fourth Youth Summits will be at the 2018 International ECHA Conference in Dublin (https://echa2018.info) and the 2019 Thematic ECHA Conference in Dubrovnik (https://echa.info/186-1st-thematic-echa-conference-on-creativity-dubrovnik-croatia-16-18-october-2019). More information about the Youth Platform and the application process can be found here: https://youthplatform.g6.cz/.

Sunday, 09 April 2017 20:01

National Correspondent - Slovenia

Mag. Maruška Željeznov Seničar
MIB d.o.o.
Zavod ZVIS
Reška ulica 11
Telefon: +386 0590 72 730
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thursday, 16 March 2017 11:22

National Correspondent - Canada

karin tishclerKarin Tischler
Daimon Institute
3830 W. 18th Avenue
Vancouver, V6S 1B5
BC, Canada
Tel: +1 604 838 3135
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After receiving her Masters degree in Economics from the University of Oxford, Karin Tischler worked as a management consultant for Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman) in Germany, the UK and in the USA. She then led the Competitive Intelligence Department at PETsMART.

When Karin could not find a community for her two very young children, she co-founded a local Yahoo Group for parents of young gifted children in the USA. This group led to playground and museum meet ups and to long-term friendships. After Karin relocated to Vancouver, Canada she decided to create a similar Yahoo Group. This Vancouver group has since then led to 3 different Facebook Groups (general parenting and homeschooling support and services offerings) for more than 400 parents of gifted children in British Columbia.

Besides creating a local support community for parents of gifted children, Karin was the Vice President of the GCABC (Gifted Children Association of British Columbia) for the past two years as well as a member of the Board of the Vancouver Westside German School.

As a native German citizen, Karin Tischler attended the ECHA 2016 conference in Vienna to learn more about the gifted community in Europe. Most recently, she has joined the Daimon Institute founded by the psychologist Patricia Susan (Sue) Jackson as the Head of Research & Development. In this capacity Karin has organized and accompanied Sue Jackson on her European speaking tour in the fall of 2016.

The Daimon Institute for the Highly Gifted provides psychotherapy and educational consulting to support the overall development of exceptionally and profoundly gifted people. Patients are all ages and reside throughout the world. Patricia Susan Jackson has been conducting research and providing professional development workshops, seminars, lectures and keynotes since 1994.
The Daimon Institute is international in scope with participants on 5 continents. Most recently Sue gave presentations at the 2016 EU Conference on the Fostering and Development of Talent in Bratislava, the ECHA European Talent Centre in Budapest, the ÖZBF in Salzburg as well as to psychologists, teachers and parents in Nuremberg and Munich.

Thursday, 16 March 2017 11:01

National Correspondent - Ireland

colmDr. Colm O'Reilly
CTY Ireland
Dublin City University
Tel: +3531-7005634
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Colm O’Reilly PhD is the Director of the Irish Centre for Talented Youth (CTYI) at Dublin City University. CTYI provides fast paced classes for academically talented students aged 6 – 16 years from all over Ireland and overseas. Currently the Centre caters for over 5000 students per annum and it is the only recognised teaching centre for gifted children in the Republic of Ireland. CTYI run over 120 academic courses annually for gifted students. Colm has worked in the area of gifted and talented education for the last 15 years and has published articles and presented papers at numerous conferences around the world. He has experience in teacher training for gifted students around Ireland and is responsible for the implementation of many classes and initiatives for gifted children and teachers in Ireland. Colm has recently been appointed as Secretary of the European Council for High Ability and serves on Advisory Boards for gifted programmes in Virginia, Arizona and Maryland.

It is our pleasure to announce that the new webmaster of ECHA, Emily Church (a member of the team of the ECHA Secretary, Colm O'Reilly) installed a new membership handling system to our website. The system automatically sends an email response upon renewing your membership and upon the arrival of the payment (either by credit card or by electronic bank transfer as you wish). The system also sends renewal requests for those members whose membership expired. With this system now installed we hope to make the membership application and renewal process much easier and faster than before. In case you experience any problem, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The General Committee of ECHA decided that from 2017 ECHA membership has a quarterly structure, meaning that ECHA membership expires at the end of the 4th quarter year after its payment (e.g. on December 31st 2017 in case you pay your membership until 31st March, on March 31st 2018, if you pay in the next quarter, etc.). Members who apply or renew their membership until March 31st, will receive the Spring ECHA News to their email address and the first issue of High Ability Studies -- if they are full members (student members can receive the journal by paying a nominal fee of 27 EUR at this page: https://echa.info/membership). Members paying their fee until September 30th will receive the Fall ECHA News and the second issue of High Ability Studies. We encourage you to become a member of ECHA/renew your membership before March 31st to enjoy the full benefits of your ECHA membership in 2017. Please apply/renew today here: https://echa.info/membership.

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