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It is our pleasure to announce that the General Committee of ECHA decided to organize the 2nd Thematic ECHA Conference in Budapest, Hungary.

The conference will feature the key topic of " Closing the achievement gaps in gifted education" and will take place between 25 and 27 March 2021. Please mark the event in your calendar!

Friday, 22 February 2019 15:24

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It is our pleasure to announce that the the abstract submission and registration became open for the First Thematic ECHA Conference in Dubrovnik (16-18 October 2019). The website of the conference:

Please access the Abstract Submission form here

and the Registration form here:

 The abstract submission deadline is the 1st April 2019. See you in Dubrovnik!


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The Qualification Committee invites European or in case of Associated Centres non-European talent support organisations to submit their application to become a European or Associated European Talent Centre. [1]


A European Talent Centre should be an organisation, or a distinct part of a larger organisation, established for this role. European Talent Centres might organise activities in the field of high ability in a region or a country (meaning that there might be more than one European Talent Centre per European country, and applications may cover more than one country).


A Scoring Sheet that accompanies the application form can be downloaded from HERE. The Qualification Committee will evaluate your application by aggregating the scores as a whole. Applications will not be judged against each criteria separately. Successful proven past activity and potential future engagements in the field would be of key importance in this process. [2]    


Existing European Talent Centres will be re-evaluated every other year (i.e. in 2020, 2022 etc.) by the Qualification Committee of ECHA to ensure that they still fulfil the criteria. If the criteria are no longer fulfilled, the title of European Talent Centre may be suspended or withdrawn by the Committee.


Please complete the on-line Application Form by 30 November 2018. The Application Form will be sent to the Secretary of the Qualification Committee, Csilla Fuszek. Please email any queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




[1] The 2014 General Assembly of ECHA agreed that ECHA will support, regulate and guide the formation of a European Talent Support Network. European Talent Centres will form the hubs of this Network, while European Talent Points will be its nodes.

Aims and details of the European Talent Support Network can be found in the document downloadable from:

[2]  You can find more information on the results of the first round (2015) and the second round (2016).

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