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The 2014 General Assembly of ECHA agreed that ECHA supports, regulates and guides the formation of a European Talent Support Network.

The Network would


  1. increase the identification and help of highly able young people in Europe;
  2. boost research activity in the field of high ability and help transfer findings to practice;
  3. extend the current sharing of best practices in the field of high ability;
  4. help the increase of ECHA membership further by increasing the number of people knowing and acknowledging ECHA’s activities in theory, research and practice, and
  5. would demonstrate that people involved in the field of high ability have reached a “critical mass” at the European level which needs to be taken into account when discussing EU and national policies in Europe (such as in education, research, innovation, social affairs, public health, etc.) related to high ability.

The decision of the General Assembly opened up the way of a concentrated effort to help the cooperation for the benefit of talented young people in Europe.

European Talent Centres will form the hubs of this Network, while European Talent Points will be its nodes. The General Assembly elected a 5-membered Accreditation Committee to accredit European Talent Centres. The president of the Accreditation Committee is Lianne Hoogeven, its secretary is Csilla Fuszek and members are Christian Fischer, Margaret Sutherland and Colm O’Reilly. The first call for the accreditation of European Talent Centres is expected by the end of 2014, and will be published on this web-site. The first European Talent Points will be accredited by European Talent Centres during 2015.

You can read more in the document of Development of a European Talent Support Network.

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