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Ph Dr. Eva VondrákováCzech-Eva-Vondrakova
Bellusova 1827/53
15500 Praha 5
Tel. ++420 606 54 11 87 (mobil)
Skype: eva-vondrakova
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Eva Vondráková is a psychologist, co-founder of the Czechoslovak ECHA branch (1989), president of the Association for Talent and Giftedness (Společnost pro talent a nadání – STaN). Author and co-author of projects: "Centre for the Development of Giftedness" (1990), the Mensa Gymnasium (1991), a system of the care for gifted children (1993, 2001) for the Ministry of Education. She lectures to teachers and students of education.

She organizes the STaN seminars as well as lectures for parents at her clubs for parents (and teachers) of gifted children. Her many activities and writings serve to popularise ECHA, WCGTC, NYEX, ICIE etc. and stress the importance of the development of potential in children. Her professional experience has been with counselling centres for school children and the resident school psychologist. At present she is a psychologist at the private Centrum Filip.

Chair of the local organizing committee of the 19.WCGTC conference in Prague (2011). Initiator and co-organizer of the 1st summer school for children (5-16) interested in science – realized in July 2012, in cooperation with GMK Bílovec (Mikulas Kopernik´s Grammar School near Ostrava). Since January 2012 chief of a group of experts and practicioners in GC education, invited for cooperation by the Ministry of Education.